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  Johnny's Audi

  1. Two Milbert BaM-235 Tube Amp
  2. Milbert Tube Preamp TC-4r
  3. Zapco Symblink7 EQ SP7-SL
  4. Kimber Kable "HERO" wiring
  5. Dynamat sealed entire car, all interior surfaces, multiple treaments
  6. Custom Crossover
  7. Focal Speakers:
    Front: Focal 165W 2way + Audiom TLR Tweeter
    Rear: Focal 165W 3way Utopia 165W3 + Scan Tweeter
    15" Sub Focal 38WX
  8. US Amps CHR 1000W on sub
  9. Monster Cap
  10. Alpine IVAD 901 with XM tuner, Alpine Nav 852 & Alpine TME-M580 Monitor. Alpine MP3 + CD changer.

2004 AUDI A6 Tritronic S-Line 2.7T, 8,200 miles

  1. 312 Horsepower and +110 ft/lbs. Torque by AWE Tuning
  2. ITG panel air filters
  3. GIAC Chips with flashloader
  4. H&R Coiloverspring
  5. Nuspeed sway bars front & rear
  6. Smoke rear taillight by Hella
  7. Konig 18X8.5 & Michelin Pilot XGT Z4 245/40
  8. HID fog lamp and head lamp upgrade
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