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The Sigil and the Salespitch - Thomas Sheridan -- A440 / A432 Nazi Tuning?


  Tue 12 Dec 2017


  music, mk, a440, a432, nazi, mind control, tone, concert pitch, cymatics, resonance



Comments from Video

"I believe it was the Nazis that changed the concert pitch to A= 440 from the previous A=432 much to the chagrin of many orchestral players of the time. The music now has very little shape to it because successful singers record their songs with a melody that is beyond recognition due to modern, unartistic and contrived coloratura. Up until the nineteenth century part of the craft of composition was to play with melodic, harmonic and rhythmic forms in a coherent and intelligent way. It was meant to have an effect on the psyche in the sense that it was intended to express an emotion or an idea in the musical 'medium' only. An intelligent audience would listen for patterns in the music and the play of those patterns as well as derive pleasure from the whole. Today's excuse for a musician i.e. ladygaga et al. is so far removed from music partially because people do not have the listening attention span they once had. This is not transhumanism it is really devolution.

"Musical frequencies of the notes are called the "fundamentals" and indeed it was the Nazis who changed concert pitch of A=432 up to A=440, esentially as an act of warfare against music listeners. The difference is that the original frequencies are completely harmonic and have mathematical resonances that provoke beauty and love while the changed ones are far less positive although maybe subtly for most listeners.

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