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CLAIM -- WATER HAS MEMORY -- A COPY MADE WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL -- DNA MUSIC -- Sound waves create DNA in purified water -- astonishing research of Dr Luc Montagnier


  Tue 21 Nov 2017


  life, nano, dna, energy, vibration, sickness, music, dr luc montagnier, biology, water, homeopathy, dr emoto, viktor schauberger, dan winter, phi, golden mean, fibonacci, resonance, chemistry



It scientifically demonstrates that you can listen to -- and acquire by such listening -- health or sickness.

Extending the findings, for example: A song could be imprinted with the "tone" of cancer DNA. Someone listening to that sound could thereby acquire the cancer DNA.

Music imprinted with the tone of toxins or evil can ostensibly recreate in (the water of) the listener

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Water Memory (Documentary of 2014 about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)

"Just the fact that a DNA molecule that is 98% complete, is copied remotely in pure water from a sound wave, is astounding!"

Abbot David Michael PhD
11 months ago
I worked with a professor/doctor at the University of Hawaii in 2000 in this area. Hydrogen in our research was understood to be a fundamental root tone (think music/frequency) for all other elements in the periodic table which dates back to Moseley in the late 19th century. Moseley and Keely provides the theoretic key to all this. Hydrogen assisted by oxygen can then take on harmonic frequencies by additive and subtractive processes through electro-magnetic transfer methods. It does NOT appear to be a matter of capturing DNA or any set of elemental frequencies in empty spaces in molecular matrices/structures.

We were transferring drug frequencies into pure water and then giving this enhanced water to the sick with evident healing as if we gave them the material drug.. It appears the negative side effects were not normally transferred in this process. This is NOT a new discovery. We also experimented with an associated diagnostic method in determining illness and what would remedy the illness so it was a complete healing system. It has already been discovered by others but not well advertised. Digital mapping is not a very good way of capturing biological frequencies... Analog mapping of biological systems is better just as it is in recording music as the highest and lowest harmonic frequencies are cut off in digital recording environments. This might be a major cause to explain why some transfers do not work properly.

What this experiment did provide evidence for is that the biological frequency set was not just a list of the elements involved in DNA but also their relationship to each other as a living organism. This a monumental!

"This has been known since time immemorial, hence the old world cultures who knew to pray to water and food before consumption."

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