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Economics, Culture, "Bitches", NWA and weaponized rap music


  Tue 8 Aug 2017



UnSpun 080 - Lenon Honor: "Beyond Gangster Blackface"

Continuing our ongoing discussion looking into music as mind control, Lenon Honor joins me tonight to discuss his new documentary film Beyond Gangster Blackface, which is a look into NWA and the 1980s rap music scene in Los Angeles, as well as the so-called East Coast / West Coast feud, and damage done to children and families.

NWA's first album

averages of hearing words, phrases:

endorsement of alcohol: once every 51 seconds

disrespect of men: once every 49 seconds

the word "bitch": once every 46 seconds

self-aggrandizement: once every 34 seconds

disrespect of women: once every 17 seconds

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